Saturday, November 28, 2015

Must-know about Kids' sunglasses,must-have Oakleys for adults

Today people pay more attention on the quality of life. We like fashion clothes, fashion accessories ect. Everything is popular and fashionable which can attract many people. Oakley sunglasses are popular all over the world. If you love outdoor activities, Oakley sunglasses are must-have accessories.

People love hanging out with friends at sunny day. And it's not bad to embrace sunshine with your kids. It's strange, people keep saying UV rays are harmful. But indeed, sunlight help us a lot. So try not to embrace sunshine too long time. Now many people get sunglasses for their kids for UV protection. The intention is good. But there something you must know kids' sunglasses.

The development kids' vision is going to shape gradually.Newborn babies have a little hyperopia. But slowly they grow, their vision will become normal. usually their vision will shape normally around 6 to 8 years old. Some people will buy fancy sunglasses for their kids to have fashionable style. Actually that can hurt your kids' vision. Unqualified glasses or sunglasses can cause causeamblyopia in pubertal children.

I do not recommend kids wear sunglasses often before puberty. Experts advise: children wear sunglasses according to different ages. Do not recommend kids wear sunglasses before 3, six-year-old kid don't wear sunglasses for too long time.

Before 6 years old it's the golden period of visual development for children. if there is no clear object and view for them, that could cause hypoplasia of fundus macular, or likely the risk of amblyopia. Kids'eyes are more sensitive to UV rays. They have has a self-protection instincts, when their eyes see strong lights, the pupil will naturally become smaller which cut less UV rays go though your eyes. If you want to buy kids' sunglasses, you need to go to professional shop. Because it's really important for kids to have a better vision.

Now let's get your own sunglasses at sunny day. If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses for your outdoor activities, here is the best choice to get discount Oakley sunglasses. The cheap oakley sunglasses come with the highest levels of UV protection which help filter close to 100% of the UV rays from the sun.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Drive safely with cheap Oakley sunglasses

Sunglasses can block out strong light and reduce the stimulation of light to the eyes. Especially sunglasses become common accessories during driving in summer. But we need to know when it's not right time to wear sunglasses. Because if you wear sunglasses at wrong situation, it will cause you many problems during driving.

How to correctly wear sunglasses when driving, you must know!
What kind of circumstance you need to wear sunglasses?

If you are driving and facing toward the strong sunlight, your eyes can not bear the sunlight. So your sunglasses can prove how important they are now. Our cheap Oakley sunglasses can not only protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays,but also can help you to see road better. It's safe for driving. But when the light turn dark or it's cloudy day, you should take off your sunglasses, which can ensure driving safely. The driver know about how to choose sunglasses? How do we choose right sunglasses for driving?

First of all, the lens color can not be too dark. Sunglasses with dark lens can delay the sunlight go through the eyes to the brain. When the speed of a automobile or  motorcycle is 80 km per hour, too dark sunglasses will make the driver's reaction  extend 100 milliseconds, thus it can increase more 2.2 meters braking distances.

So when you choose sunglasses, you'd better not choose sunglasses with too dark or light lens. In addition, gray and brown lens have stronger resistant ability to ultraviolet ray, it can effectively relieve eye strain and fatigue and protect your eyes.

Choose a pair of sunglasses for driving in summer, Oakley polarized sunglasses are first choices. Our replica Oakley polarized sunglasses can reduce the glare. It make the vision clear and natural. They  Can also relieve eye strain and fatigue and protect your eyes from UV rays.

If you have mild myopia, usually you don't wear glasses while driving. But if you want to wear sunglasses during driving,you should choose sunglasses with degree of myopia. Because ordinary sunglasses can make you eyes get tired easily, you even can not see roads clearly. It's too dangerous for driving.

Here is another thing you need to remember.Before you go through the tunnel, you must take off the sunglasses! When drivers are driving from bright place into dark tunnel,drivers will have few seconds "slowness-vision period".They may can not see things clearly. If driver are wearing sunglasses, then it will take long time to get used to it.So before entering dark area, you should remove your sunglasses,at the same time turn lights and slow down. so it can reduce the effects of the light changes.

Similarly, when you about to go though the tunnel, you can see the light. You can put on your sunglasses or you can blink your eyes several time to let your eyes adapt to outdoor light.

I hope those details are helpful for you. Drive safely with cheap Oakley sunglasses. you can find many great quality discount Oakley sunglasses on sale during Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals week.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cheap Oakley sunglasses sale for everyone who loves outdoor activities.

Today more and more people like outdoor activities. Because they can enjoy more fun and have healthy figures. Cheap Oakley sunglasses sale for everyone who loves activities. Such as cycling, running. When we talk about Sport eyewear,Oakley is the first word many people will think about. The best sunglasses for cycling are shields sale here. Oakley’s Radar is the my favorite accessory when I am cycling. Oakley Radar sunglasses have lots of coverage, an expansive field of view, are lightweight, and there's no lower frame to trap sweat.

Three keys to buy great quality sport sunglasses.
Firstly, we should pay attention on the effect of lens. lenses in different colors can filter out different UV rays. According to your outdoor activities, you have different choices in sunglasses. For example, if you like running,generally I recommend choose sunglasses with yellow or golden lenses.(similar to golden colors.) It can effectively reduce the glare to keep your clarity sharp.Of course, you can choose gray lens. Because gray lens can maintain true colors.And there is another mistake you should remember.It's not ture the deeper color of lenses,the better. On the contrary, if the lenses are too dark, it will seriously affect the visibility. When you are running, your eyes will get tired easily. Sunglasses lenses shall ensure that 30% light can go through.

Secondly, there are two kinds sunglasses: ordinary sunglasses and polarized glasses. Reflected light comes from a bumpy roads, water which also known as glare. The glare can make your eyes feel umcomfortable and tired. When you are running, the light around you can be changable.Ordinary sunglasses can effectively block UV rays, but not the glare. So for those people who like running and cycling, Oakley polarized sunglasses are great options.Oakley polarized sunglasses can reduce Glare and tuned light transmission of Iridium lens coating.

Thirdly, lightweight frame is one biggest features of sports sunglasses. Oakley is perfect sport sunglasses. Oakley sport sunglasses feature Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant frame.Impact resistance for high-mass and high-velocity impact.So while you are running or cycling, your Oakley sunglasses won't drop.

No matter what kind of Oakley sunglasses you are looking for, we've got them. You can find classic style, modern fashion, athletic style at cheap Oakley sunglasses online store. Discount Oakley sunglasses are in stock for sale. You should get yourselfe a pair of high-performance, functional Oakley sport eyewear for better protection in this season. Don't miss out!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Discount Oakley sunglasses bring you better protection and star face

*.At all seasons sunglasses we need sunglasses.
Many people think the sunlight is strong in summer, so they need to wear sunglasses during outside activities. But UV rays actually exist in all the year round. Sunlight in winter is not strong than the sunlight in summer. But UV rays in winter is weaker than the sunlight in summer about 20%. So those Uv rays still can cause great harm to human body skin and eyes if you don't take care of your eyes from UV rays. My point is that we still need to avoid the ultraviolet radiation in winter. What's more, after snow if you do some outdoor activities in the sunny day, snow can reflect blinding glare from sunlight which can cause a serious symptom "snow blindness".

*.Oakley sunglasses are awesome accessoires for everyone.
The human body has many self-protection instincts.For example,when our eyes feel strong light, the pupils will naturally become smaller. So it can reduce some UV rays to get into our eyes. That's whywe will narrow our eyes under strong sunlight. Even though UV rays still can get into our eyes. If you like outdoor activities, and you always don't do any UV protection,which can cause many problems. such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, called light eye inflammation. If your eyes continue this way, it may cause other eye diseases, such as macular lesion even cataracts.If you like outdoor activities, you really should get yourself a pair of great quality Oakley sunglasses. Today people pay more attention on fashion. People regard sunglasses as stylish accessories, sometimes they don't care much about UV protection. So they will buy some poor quality sunglasses. But this is only make your eyes suffer more damage. So you really should buy our great quality discount Oakley sunglasses for health.

*.The main protection of Oakley sunglasses is for UV rays.
Here is a common mistake. Many people will choose the darker lens, because they believe darker lens can offer better UV protection for their eyes.If the lens don't have UV protection this performance, it just reduces the brightness, then UV rays go though the lens, at the same time your pupils become bigger because dark lens turn the light dimmed. So at this situation more UV rays will go into the pupils.Your eyes will suffer more harm. So the UV protection is not for the color of lens but from lens material. Even clear lens can protect your eyes from UV rays.We offer cheap Oakley sunglasses with a wide selection of lens and frames for men and women.In my opinion, we should have at least two pair of sunglasses for different occasions.Oakley Polarized sunglasses are one of hot selling sunglasses in this season. If you like driving, skiing and going to beach, our discount Oakley Polarized sunglasses can be great options for you.

Why do we prefer our cheap Oakley sunglasses? Because you can save more money and have better protection.And believe you are a star when putting on those amazing Oakley sunglasses.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tricks to buy perfect cheap Oakley sunglasses for your face shape?

Do you know a pair sunglasses are the most quick way for a person to have a star face? So choosing a perfect sunglasses are the key for your cool impression. How do we choose the right Oakley sunglasses for our face shape?
Let's take a look the following picture.

Now I guess you have an idea in your mind about your face shape. And you know what the best sunglasses will suit your face shape perfectly.
I just got myself this cheap Oakley sunglasses for cycling. I love wearing them out when I am riding in the morning.

The heritage continues with Oakley Radar Pitch sunglasses, high performance and high fashion sunglasses. The discount Oakley Radar Pitch sunglasses have an open-edge lens design to expand your field of vision which means there's no frame rim to block your downward view. And we also believe Oakley Radar sport sunglasses have large enough lenses to protect your eyes. If you like cycling like I do, you should get one pair of Oakley sport sunglasses while all Oakley sunglasses are on sale at deep discount prices. And if you prefer classic style, you also can find your favorite style on our cheap Oakley sunglasses outlet store. 

Discount Oakley sunglasses sale online.We supply most popular style Cheap Oakley Sunglasses for men and women.It is worth to own our great quality Oakley Sunglasses. Welcome to purchase our Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. Shop and Save more money now, fast shipping to worldwide! No tax!The Cheap Oakley Sunglasses come with the highest levels of UV protection which help filter out 100% of UVA/UVB / UBC & harmful blue light up to 400nm. 

Buying a pair of Oakley Sunglasses need to consider two important things. First, you need to know your face shape and which kind of sunglasses you are looking for. Second, you need to find a reliable and professional Oakley Sunglasses online shop. I know selecting a perfect pair of Oakley sunglasses is time-consuming. You can find hundreds of cheap Oakley sunglasses are in stock for sale on our shop. So you can save more time and money. We devote our effort to provide great quality Oakley Sunglasses for you.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Which color lens of discount Oakley Sunglasses should I buy for better view?

Did you think you buy the right sunglasses for UV protection?
When choosing sunglasses, many people will think about the colors of frames and lenses. People wonder if the color of these sunglasses fit well or not. Do the sunglasses fit my clothes? There is another reason we buy sunglasses. We can feel uncomfortable with strong lights. That's why we need sunglasses to help us and protect our eyes.

Do you know what the difference of color of lens are? Most of sunglasses block different levels of visible light vary from one color of lens to another color. So you need to know what your purpose of buying sunglasses is.

According to the practical order, I recommend three common colors: black (gray) > green > brown. In daily life, you just choose you favorite color from those three colors. But if you want to drive, you'd better not choose sunglasses with green lens. Because the color you see will be a little different from real color. Yellow lens are good for some people who want to see things better while doing some outdoor activities. And most of blue lens and purple lens don't have real UV protection. But those lens can help you have good-looking. Don't worry, our cheap Oakley sunglasses can offer better UV protection. The UV protection from each lens, from its material. Plutonite lens material blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light

If you are looking for stylish and high performance sunglasses. Congratulations. You are at the right place. Now let's see a picture, it may help you when choosing Oakley sunglasses.

Polarized lens VS Mirror lens ?

Our cheap Oakley Polarized sunglasses improve safety, comfort and performance, Oakley HDPolarized lenses filter out 99% of reflected glare without the haze and optical distortion that can come with polarized lenses made with conventional manufacturing techniques. Now discount Oakley  sunglasses sale online, you can buy one pair of Oakley Polarized  sunglasses for yourself or someone who like driving and fishing. Oakley sunglasses Mirror can  reduced Visible light up to 10% - 60% which are good choice for skiing.

If you like outdoor activities, you really should buy right Oakley sunglasses. And buy Oakley sunglasses at reliable discount Oakley sunglasses online shop. Trust our cheap Oakley sunglasses can provide the clarity you need to execute each and every decision along the way. And you can save more money. Super cheap price, great discount ever! Cheap Oakley sunglasses sale outlet online and all discount Oakley sunglasses are brand-new for sale! Not long time for cheapest.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Did you buy the right cheap Oakley sunglasses?

If you are looking for a pair of discount Oakley sunglasses,you should absolutely read this article. If you have already had sunglasses, you also need to check this article. Because many people buy wrong sunglasses.

Why do you want to buy Oakley sunglasses?
People buy Oakley sunglasses either for good-looking or eye protection. Of course, the most important  reason is for protecting eyes from UV rays. If you ask me what sunscreen you should use for eyes? My answer is sunglasses. A pair of high quality sunglasses can not only prevent the skin around eyes aging from harmful UV rays, but also prevent some eye diseases.

Do you really know if your sunglasses are UV protection?
Did you read the information of UV protection about your sunglasses after you bought your beautiful sunglasses? I recommend that you should buy those sunglasses with UV400 this flag, which means your sunglasses can filter out 99% to 100% of the UV (European standard is 95%). And I don't recommend to buy sunglasses without this UV flag. Unless you are buying for UV protection. In my opinion Oakley sunglasses can be great options for those people who love outdoor activities.

Can your sunglasses protect your eyes from diffuse?
Many girls like these retro classic round sunglasses. Like these:

But this kind sunglasses are only good-looking. If you really want sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays, I don't think this kind of sunglasses will be helpful. Diffuse can sneak into your eyes from many angles. And it will age your skin around your eyes.

So when you are choosing sunglasses, I recommend you can choose Oakley sunglasses with large lenses like below picture. Those Oakley sunglasses have enough large lenses to wrap the skin around your eyes. And leaving no gap for UV rays.

Now a wide selection of cheap, stylish and high performance Oakley sunglasses sale for men and women at cheap Oakley sunglasses online shop. We devote our efforts to provide best Oakley sunglasses for you. You can enjoy the VIP discounted prices to have your own Oakley sunglasses. You also can have a new style in this season.

Welcome to is talking about how to buy Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Online.