Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Different cheap Oakley sunglasses are made by different materials

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Different cheap Oakley sunglasses are made by different materials and their materials have decided their functions and merits. As for the material of lens of sunglasses, it could be divided into four types, including the polycarbonate( what we called PC), glasses, crystal and polarizer. These four kinds of material have different advantages and disadvantages for different use. And now I am going to discuss the pros and cons of polycarbonate.
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     Polycarbonate, as one kind of materials of lens, is solid at its original state. Some people even called them the lens of the space. Its origin could be traced back in 1957. And because its long history, it has been updated with the changes of the times. It could be flexible within a large extent. It is the advantages but also the disadvantages. It means this kind of cheap Oakleys lens are not likely to break easily but also it could be transmutative along with the long time use. So we need to take care of this kind of lens. But it won’t break easily like glasses. If you buy discount Oakley sunglasses with the lens made by glasses, then you need to pay much attention to taking care of it. Some time it may break without your expectation.
     When one wearing fake Oakley sunglasses, the weight of sunglasses could be one of worries. If the sunglasses is a little heavy, one would feel uncomfortable and his nose could be painful especially for a long time wearing. So the weight of sunglasses is significant. The weight of lens made by polycarbonate are quite light compared to other materials. And that is one of the reasons why the lens made by polycarbonate is becoming popular in these years. And lots of people think carrying this kind of sunglasses is easy for its light weight.
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     Also for its flexibility, more and more stores selling knockoff Oakley sunglasses are more willing to use this kind of lens, and it is easier for them to buy in bulk and is portable for a long distance. In these years, people tend to choose this kind of cheap Oakley sunglasses instead of other material. Considering its advantages, it also be used in many other fields. Out of curiosity, some people also buy it for a try. With the development of technology, the material of sunglasses is becoming various and multifunctional. Maybe one day in the future, the functions of polycarbonate will be explored in lots of ways. And the sunglasses industry would be more colorful.