Monday, March 5, 2018

Oakley snow goggles for snow board

Oakley snow goggles for snow board. Although I can do single board or double board, but to teach people to buy equipment such things, I still declare in advance that I am a rookie. Afraid to come across professionals, minutes taught amateur player. Slide the board to buy a fixed focus and snow shoes. Before we talk about these two important things,get the first equipment done. Buy Cheap Oakleys Here :

 Oakley Snow Goggles
Oakley Snow Goggles

1. Snow suit snow pants
Snow suit snow pants Many well-known brands are made in China, so I think Taobao buy the price should be ok, focusing on breathable warm Quick dry. Summer set off a Quicksilver spent 290 €, has been used now, I am a fan of this brand, not soft wide ah. Suggest to buy light yellow / orange for two reasons: one of the technology when the eye-catching good, loaded with very good; second technology bad time, easy to find your partner, not easy to slip, especially in the big snow field. General snow snow pants suit design is very professional, and there will be a bunch of legs tightening designed to prevent splashing into the snow, generally these designs must happen, otherwise it is not normal:

- cuffs with side pockets ciguatera placed, to facilitate induction brush door cable car;
- armpit breathable net mouth opened, this design is generally more breathable snow suits, sweat or difficult;
- coat tail and the entire cuff, there tightening band 360 designed to prevent splashing into the snow;.
- pants also have bonded with tightening snow shoe design

2 Oakley gloves helmet masks
Do not think gloves do not need, warm and breathable waterproof is necessary, it is best to prevent the impact, especially the novice. I am cruel to buy a 89 European Arcteryx AR gloves, I also brain flicker, saying that there is a cushion, the feeling is a pad. . . Hard hat or to wear, really say three times, Schumacher has not woke up is the mind knock in the red. Wear a helmet, my mother no longer have to worry about my 360 degree roll :-) Buy a cool windproof mask, you can also do the collar.

 Oakley Snow Goggles
 2018 Winter Olympic athletes with Oakley Snow Goggles

3. Oakley snow goggles
Cheap Oakley Goggles really be willing to under the original capital. The device I've changed so far has the same feeling of money as having to burn music for the lens. The selection principle must be anti-UV anti-fog . Conditions allow to buy the spherical mirror, it is really the difference between the surface and mud. To fit the bridge of the nose, the Asians generally have a high IQ and doomed to have a low bridge of the nose. They choose Ha with IQ. I used Quicksilver, Bolle and Oakley myself. Generally about 100 in Europe is enough, father and mother are not banknote printing machine, I am not a smart brother.

4. snowboard
In fact, I do not recommend buying board, the novice is not easy to maintain. Sometimes, buy a pair of shoes next to Pharaoh come first draw a knife, after breaking shoes hit ten layers of wax, my heart still will leave a pimple. Whether you are a man or a woman, is regular or goofy, sincerely rent a plate or buy a second hand.

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