Thursday, April 11, 2019

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For 2019 summer driving,the sun dazzling, the car's internal baffles are not flexible enough,so they have to wear sunglasses, and driving this high risk factor behavior, but also with polarizing function, why?
When it comes to polarizing lenses,most people may not understand that polarizing lenses are lenses that allow only light in a certain polarized direction in natural light to pass through.
However,the polarizing mirror using the technology of perfect fusion of the polarizing filter film and the crystal can effectively block the horizontal reflection light into the eye, allowing only vertical light into the eye, and the polarizing effect is more than 99.99%.While protecting your eyes,it brings you unprecedented visual enjoyment.And the first thing I thought of that, or even beyond, was the Oakley sunglasses.

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Oakley anti-glare ability can improve driving safety.No glare makes driving safer, according to the structure of a 2009 "reaction time" study conducted by the Manhattan Visual Association Research Institute. Oakley uses optical video technology to minimize glare while running at high speed.
Oakley also has excellent color for restoring vision. Your glasses should not be too dark when driving in summer. It is best to choose a brown or gray polarized.Because the brown and gray can effectively restore the visual color, improve the clarity and fidelity of vision. Among them,the brown lenses can enhance the contrast,which is more suitable for those who wear sunglasses sensitive to light.Grey lenses have an excellent ability to restore color, more suitable for long-term outdoor activities.In addition,Oakley' s unique lens imaging technology,which is very clear restore display video.
In summer, you must pay attention to the choice of polarized, and it is best to choose a brand of polarized to reduce the damage to the ultraviolet eye.If you do not understand the polarized,Or you don't know what kind of lenses you fit,then Oakley will be your best choice. In all kinds of environments, 99% isolation.You deserve to buy this brand.

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Last but not least,the research suggests that dark glasses, too dark and too large, are not suitable for regular drivers. This is due to over dark sunglasses that delay the time the eyes are sent to the brain and prolong the driver's reaction to the situation.
A wide,heavy sunglasses can make the driver's eyelids and cheeks sour, bloated,numb and can distract the driver.Oakley perfectly fits people’s face,which does not slip and break,and it combines fashion and comfort with the power of technology and this is Oakley that sits on hundreds of patents and is obsessed with sunglasses.