Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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With the popularity of Oakley polarized sunglasses , a lot of people know the importance of ordinary sunglasses. Yes , the functions are to prevent the ultraviolet ray and reduce the illumination intensity. However , the cheap Oakley polarized sunglasses not only own these functions but also have another effect. That is to eliminate glare. It is very important! In addition to , just like the myopic glasses and ordinary sunglasses , the Oakley polarized sunglasses need to be washed . Then , friends , do you know how to wash the polarized sunglasses properly? Ok , let me share some experience that I have learned with you today.
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  First of all , the basic thing that you need to know is when you are cleaning the Oakley polarized sunglasses , it is very inadvisable for you to wipe the ophthalmic lenses. If you are in the general environment , it is better for you to wipe the ophthalmic lenses with soft and micro fiber cloth than your T-shirt. When the wiping cloth is dirty , remembering to wash it by the water gently. It is wrong for you to drying it by the blower. It will damage the micro fiber. If you are in the dirty environment , there may be some hard grains on the ophthalmic lenses. In this case , it is not enough to wipe them by the cloth. At this time , you should wash them under the running water and use a little liquid soap. After swashing them , you can wipe the polarized sunglasses gently with the soft cloth.
  Second , do not put the Oakley polarized sunglasses in a very hot environment. For example , the car dashboard. If the material is plastic , this behavior will bend the ophthalmic lenses. Or it will degrade its protective layer at least. On the other hand , it is wrong for you to put the polarized sunglasses on your head. You can put the Oakley polarized sunglasses into a hard box when you need not them. If you do not like the hard box, then , you can put them into the soft box at least. Don’t put the polarized sunglasses into your pockets directly. It is very inadvisable!
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  In the end , you should often go to the store to adjust your Oakley polarized sunglasses. In addition to acting as a kind of fashionable decoration , the polarized sunglasses also play a very important role in preventing the ultraviolet ray. It is very necessary for us to wear a pair of Oakley polarized sunglasses when the sunlight is very strong and dazzling.
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