Monday, December 7, 2015

How to Remove Scratches from Oakley sunglasses

If your Oakley sunglasses got some mark scratches, you will always feel umfortable. Because when you put on the sunglasses, you always can see scratches. And you also don't want to throw the Cheap Oakley sunglasses, what a waste. Many people wonder if small scratches can be fixed at home, without spending a lot of money. The good news is that it is possible to fix them at home. Let's learn it now:

First of all, Clean your sunglasses and try to find out the exact spot of the scratch. Use a cleaner  and use a micro fiber cloth to find the spot you need to fix.
Method 1, Use Toothpaste
Notice: You need to make sure your toothpaste is non-abrasive, non-minty, non-gel, and non-whitening.Those things are good for your teeth, but not for your lenses! Best to use a regular paste.

You can apply toothpaste on the surface, gently rub it in circular motion, give your lenses a nice massage for about 10 seconds. and then rinse it with cold water. If the scratches are deep then repeat the procedure twice.

Method 2,Bakingsoda                                                                                   
Another good alternative for soft toothpaste is water and baking soda. Put baking soda in a bowl, add water to make a thick paste, and then rub it on your shades in circular motion. When you feel that the last stroke has been lost, rinse the paste off with cool water. Repeat if necessary.

Method 3,Silver Or Brass Polish
If the above tow methods fail, then you can use a bit of brass or silver polish on the lenses with a soft cloth.  Gently rub until until the scratch has disappeared. And remember that do not hit the frame when cleaning the lenses.Because if so, it can ruin the overall look.

Method 4. Furniture spray or Car Wax
Spray some furniture spray or Car Wax on the scratched spot, then wipe it with a soft cloth and circular motions. Wipe away any excess with another cloth. You may need to use multiple cloths, as wax adheres to fabric easily.

After doing all this, I hope you can remove scratches from your sunglasses . You will improve visibility after repairing the scratches. All the above methods are cheap ways to fix sunglasses. 

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