Monday, August 22, 2016

How to protect the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Many driving people found that own selective Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, quality seems not so good, it wasn't long before out of the situation. And for most of myopia sunglasses, frame and lenses quality are all pass, a so-called "quality problem", and the summer heat, placement and maintenance habits have a relationship with us. If think Cheap Oakley Sunglasses is born to summer, does not fear the sun, can with a throw, the quality again good sunglasses, will go die soon.
Cheap Oakley Sunglasses for Sport

The result of Oakley sunglasses placed at random in a car
1)Sunglasses "melted", frame serious deformation, become soft slow, texture, can rest assured to wear.
2)Sunglasses "crack" and "take off the film" "had", looks very fuzzy.
The reasons for damage
--> use habit
For convenience, most people get used to put Oakley sunglasses with the car right hand reach place, such as instrument panel, near behind wind deflector, convenient pick wear at any time.
--> do not pay attention to clean
Summer perspires much, lady's makeup look contact lenses, took out from his bag will contact with other objects, etc., and put on and take off the Oakley sunglasses often in a hurry, forget to clean.
--> summer heat
Will knockoff Oakley sunglasses naked in the car, sunbathing, high temperature in summer season, car inner closed condition can reach 60-70 degrees, the lens in the environment, particularly prone to surface cracking, appear striped like water lines, serious still can cause deformation, mirror film falls off, and so on and so forth, this is the result of high temperature, and no relationship with the quality of the lens.
--> airtight packaging
Some people think they are very good maintenance of fake Oakley sunglasses, wrapped in cloth bags or mirror mirror, sunglasses put the car again, thought so foolproof, but high temperature can still through the thin mask, and a subtle impact on Oakley sunglasses gradually, will eventually reduce the service life of sunglasses.
How to devoid
--> Oakley sunglasses cleaning job
Cloth is used to package more cheap Oakley sunglasses lens, lens cloth to use after a period of time is easy to produce the small hard objects such as impurities will scratch the mirror. Clean myopia sunglasses it is better to use detergent or professional detergent washing, much less clean.
--> don't let Oakley sunglasses naked drying
Put sunglasses with car things can't do, can give Oakley sunglasses wrap cloth or bag of the mirror, mirror on the mirror box, and then placed in the closed position on the bus, avoid direct sunlight.
--> to perforated packaging that make myopia sunglasses can breathe
With a lens cloth, and often also easy to cause the Cheap Oakleys sunglasses not breathable, over time to produce the appearance of fine lines. Can choose perforated CPE bag, placed in the car seal or other shade environment.
--> avoid contact with chemical composition
Cheap Fake Oakleys should avoid contact with perfume, pesticides, such as containing chemical cost items, reduce the probability of corrosion.
Sunglasses not only help us to see the world, but also instantly lift we pretend bility and level in appearance, but its existence is to help you brush out of existence, each pair of sunglasses has its life, protected properly, it can accompany you a few years more, improper protection, that is to say goodbye.