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Friendship with Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

As neighbors and classmates, Pitter and Karry had been good friends form toy car to bicycle, then basketball and soccer to computer game and Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. All people knew them and thought that they were so close as one person. But a month ago, their 18-year friendship with Oakley Sunglasses broke.
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Relying on some Oakley gift and the merging my passion for music, they became a singing group which was popular in their school. But students wearing Cheap Oakleys divided into two parts for preferring different one of them. Karry was more outgoing, and just like the sunny and Oakley sunglasses with a bright smile. Comparing with Karry, Pitter was shyer, thus he was focused less than Karry. But they were both hard working,buy Cheap Fake Oakleys Sunglasses with considerable ability.
A common afternoon, it was very hot, which made humans some blundering. Thet both with best Cheap Oakleys sunglasses went to school as usually. When they were about to enter into the school gate, Pitter stopped and said to Karry “wait a minute here, I need to buy a pen and cheap Oakley Sunglasses, just one minute!” with turning to a stationer. Karry smiled with a gesture of “OK”. But when he went back, he just found Karry was surrounded by some fans, laughing and taking. Pitter was a litter embarrassed, because nobody noticed him. He tried to catch Karry`s attention, but failed. He became a litter annoyed, so he turned around and went towards to the classroom alone. After the ring rang, teacher with cool Discount Oakley Sunglasses started the class, Karry showed up out the door out of the breath. He was late, but Pitter seemed to have no noticing on him. After classes, they also said noting. Something named friendship seemed to have some wrong.

Pitter said he would become better than Karry, and he would and could show better than Karry in the approaching Campus Top Ten Singers Competition, Oakley Sunglasses which they had handed on the application form as a group. After being strangers, they changed their applications into the singles. They practiced so hard that both of them entered into the final. Coinciding with two boys, in the final-round they performed the same song with their own styles unexpectedly.Find best place to buy cheap fake Oakleys. That was to everyone`s surprise, and to two boys`, it seemed have something stuck in their hearts. And when the presenter asked they if it was prearranged and why in this time, they did not show up as a group. They got into silence.
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Under the embarrassing atmosphere, Oakley shop online on the point of the presenter trying to calm the situation, suddenly, a spotlight on the top of the stage fallen down to Pitter. At the same second, Karry run towards Pitter and pushed his Oakley sunglasses away. “Boom!” They fell onto the floor at the same time, and Karry was hit on his back. Pitter was shocked. He stared at his best friend falling on the floor without any consciousness. He crawled to Karry and shouted to the all people “Call the 911!!! Quickly!!” No one had seen him showing like that day, just like a crazy man dropping his Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses away.

Luckily, Karry cured after three months. During this period, Pitter went to the hospital everyday. He took more care of Karry than her mother. And he taught Karry what he learned from the teachers. Since that, they became closer than before just like a couple. At last they find the best place to buy cheap Oakley Sunglasses. What made all people satisfied was that the sponsor of the competition awarded both of them the champion prizes, and “The best group” prize.