Thursday, November 19, 2015

Discount Oakley sunglasses bring you better protection and star face

*.At all seasons sunglasses we need sunglasses.
Many people think the sunlight is strong in summer, so they need to wear sunglasses during outside activities. But UV rays actually exist in all the year round. Sunlight in winter is not strong than the sunlight in summer. But UV rays in winter is weaker than the sunlight in summer about 20%. So those Uv rays still can cause great harm to human body skin and eyes if you don't take care of your eyes from UV rays. My point is that we still need to avoid the ultraviolet radiation in winter. What's more, after snow if you do some outdoor activities in the sunny day, snow can reflect blinding glare from sunlight which can cause a serious symptom "snow blindness".

*.Oakley sunglasses are awesome accessoires for everyone.
The human body has many self-protection instincts.For example,when our eyes feel strong light, the pupils will naturally become smaller. So it can reduce some UV rays to get into our eyes. That's whywe will narrow our eyes under strong sunlight. Even though UV rays still can get into our eyes. If you like outdoor activities, and you always don't do any UV protection,which can cause many problems. such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, called light eye inflammation. If your eyes continue this way, it may cause other eye diseases, such as macular lesion even cataracts.If you like outdoor activities, you really should get yourself a pair of great quality Oakley sunglasses. Today people pay more attention on fashion. People regard sunglasses as stylish accessories, sometimes they don't care much about UV protection. So they will buy some poor quality sunglasses. But this is only make your eyes suffer more damage. So you really should buy our great quality discount Oakley sunglasses for health.

*.The main protection of Oakley sunglasses is for UV rays.
Here is a common mistake. Many people will choose the darker lens, because they believe darker lens can offer better UV protection for their eyes.If the lens don't have UV protection this performance, it just reduces the brightness, then UV rays go though the lens, at the same time your pupils become bigger because dark lens turn the light dimmed. So at this situation more UV rays will go into the pupils.Your eyes will suffer more harm. So the UV protection is not for the color of lens but from lens material. Even clear lens can protect your eyes from UV rays.We offer cheap Oakley sunglasses with a wide selection of lens and frames for men and women.In my opinion, we should have at least two pair of sunglasses for different occasions.Oakley Polarized sunglasses are one of hot selling sunglasses in this season. If you like driving, skiing and going to beach, our discount Oakley Polarized sunglasses can be great options for you.

Why do we prefer our cheap Oakley sunglasses? Because you can save more money and have better protection.And believe you are a star when putting on those amazing Oakley sunglasses.

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