Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Drive safely with cheap Oakley sunglasses

Sunglasses can block out strong light and reduce the stimulation of light to the eyes. Especially sunglasses become common accessories during driving in summer. But we need to know when it's not right time to wear sunglasses. Because if you wear sunglasses at wrong situation, it will cause you many problems during driving.

How to correctly wear sunglasses when driving, you must know!
What kind of circumstance you need to wear sunglasses?

If you are driving and facing toward the strong sunlight, your eyes can not bear the sunlight. So your sunglasses can prove how important they are now. Our cheap Oakley sunglasses can not only protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays,but also can help you to see road better. It's safe for driving. But when the light turn dark or it's cloudy day, you should take off your sunglasses, which can ensure driving safely. The driver know about how to choose sunglasses? How do we choose right sunglasses for driving?

First of all, the lens color can not be too dark. Sunglasses with dark lens can delay the sunlight go through the eyes to the brain. When the speed of a automobile or  motorcycle is 80 km per hour, too dark sunglasses will make the driver's reaction  extend 100 milliseconds, thus it can increase more 2.2 meters braking distances.

So when you choose sunglasses, you'd better not choose sunglasses with too dark or light lens. In addition, gray and brown lens have stronger resistant ability to ultraviolet ray, it can effectively relieve eye strain and fatigue and protect your eyes.

Choose a pair of sunglasses for driving in summer, Oakley polarized sunglasses are first choices. Our replica Oakley polarized sunglasses can reduce the glare. It make the vision clear and natural. They  Can also relieve eye strain and fatigue and protect your eyes from UV rays.

If you have mild myopia, usually you don't wear glasses while driving. But if you want to wear sunglasses during driving,you should choose sunglasses with degree of myopia. Because ordinary sunglasses can make you eyes get tired easily, you even can not see roads clearly. It's too dangerous for driving.

Here is another thing you need to remember.Before you go through the tunnel, you must take off the sunglasses! When drivers are driving from bright place into dark tunnel,drivers will have few seconds "slowness-vision period".They may can not see things clearly. If driver are wearing sunglasses, then it will take long time to get used to it.So before entering dark area, you should remove your sunglasses,at the same time turn lights and slow down. so it can reduce the effects of the light changes.

Similarly, when you about to go though the tunnel, you can see the light. You can put on your sunglasses or you can blink your eyes several time to let your eyes adapt to outdoor light.

I hope those details are helpful for you. Drive safely with cheap Oakley sunglasses. you can find many great quality discount Oakley sunglasses on sale during Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals week.


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