Saturday, November 28, 2015

Must-know about Kids' sunglasses,must-have Oakleys for adults

Today people pay more attention on the quality of life. We like fashion clothes, fashion accessories ect. Everything is popular and fashionable which can attract many people. Oakley sunglasses are popular all over the world. If you love outdoor activities, Oakley sunglasses are must-have accessories.

People love hanging out with friends at sunny day. And it's not bad to embrace sunshine with your kids. It's strange, people keep saying UV rays are harmful. But indeed, sunlight help us a lot. So try not to embrace sunshine too long time. Now many people get sunglasses for their kids for UV protection. The intention is good. But there something you must know kids' sunglasses.

The development kids' vision is going to shape gradually.Newborn babies have a little hyperopia. But slowly they grow, their vision will become normal. usually their vision will shape normally around 6 to 8 years old. Some people will buy fancy sunglasses for their kids to have fashionable style. Actually that can hurt your kids' vision. Unqualified glasses or sunglasses can cause causeamblyopia in pubertal children.

I do not recommend kids wear sunglasses often before puberty. Experts advise: children wear sunglasses according to different ages. Do not recommend kids wear sunglasses before 3, six-year-old kid don't wear sunglasses for too long time.

Before 6 years old it's the golden period of visual development for children. if there is no clear object and view for them, that could cause hypoplasia of fundus macular, or likely the risk of amblyopia. Kids'eyes are more sensitive to UV rays. They have has a self-protection instincts, when their eyes see strong lights, the pupil will naturally become smaller which cut less UV rays go though your eyes. If you want to buy kids' sunglasses, you need to go to professional shop. Because it's really important for kids to have a better vision.

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