Monday, July 4, 2016

Functions and Common Misunderstandings of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Functions and Common Misunderstandings of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
I. Why do we need wear best Oakley sunglasses?
1. Functions of cheap Oakley sunglasses:
A. Protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays (sunglasses are used for sun-shading by most customers);
B. For decoration;
C. Prevent the micro articles from entering into the eyes
2. Basic qualifications
A. The lenses should be effective in reducing fading ultraviolet rays;
B. Consumers can distinguish the red, yellow and green after wearing Oakley sunglasses;
C. The cheap fake Oakley sunglasses can bear the impacts to some extent;
D. The articles seen should not be out of shape after wearing Cheap Oakleys;
3. How do ultraviolet rays harm the eyes?
A. It’s easy for human eyeballs to absorb ultraviolet rays, the consequence of their been too much exposed to ultraviolet rays are not obvious in the beginning (this is also the reason why many people think that wearing cheap replica Oakley sunglasses are unnecessary), but the harms are accumulated bit by bit which may lead to cornea damage, retina degeneration lens opacity and what’s worse the cataract and even permanent vision damages, which accounts for why the cataract is ever increasing in China;
B. The sunlight is relatively strong in summer, it’s true of the ultraviolet rays. Most people wear cheap sunglasses in an active manner, while when in winter, the temperatures drop they are less inclined to wear discount Oakley sunglasses (this is mainly because the sunglasses for them are just for shading instead of preventing the eyes from ultraviolet rays). However, the fact is the ultraviolet rays continue to harm the eyes unconsciously. Therefore, sunglasses are still indispensable in winter;
Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

II. Common mistakes among consumers:
1. If the cheapest Oakley sunglasses with deeper colors are better in preventing the ultraviolet rays?
The reason why sunglasses are ultraviolet-restraint is that they are added in some special materials (nanostructured zirconia coating) when manufactured, which is conductive to filtering the ultraviolet rays when the sunlight penetrates into the sunglasses. There are nothing to do with the colors of Oakley sunglasses or the thickness of coating films. Generally speaking, if the discount Oakley sunglasses are marked with UV400, they are applicable to preventing the ultraviolet rays. This is the basic qualification of qualified sunglasses.
2. If there are something wrong with Cheap Oakleys because of the fuzzy vision of car glasses after wearing the cheap real Oakley sunglasses?
The reason why you are seeing some fuzzy images of car glasses is because the materials adopted by the cars, the one is tempered glasses (single-glass) and the other one is plyglass (double-glass). And the fuzzy visions appear when you are looking at the tempered glasses after wearing the polariscope. The phenomena won’t appear when the car is mounted with plyglass. This is largely because of the manufacturing processes.