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The reasons why stars wear best cheap Oakley sunglasses

The reasons why stars wear best cheap Oakley sunglasses
  There is a star, Mr. Xie. He was very popular when he was young. Now he is a 80 years old grandfather, although in a half-shadow, but due to the status of the quack and romantic personality who has never faded out of public view.
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  A careful net friend found that every time he appeared, whether he was shot in the street or on a variety show, he always wore a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses, and almost never showed his true face.

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  He doesn't want to take off cheap Oakleys in his shooting and life. So, there are so many sunglasses to wear, and there's a lot of speculation.So the crowd speculated that his eyes must be unattractive, so he always wears sunglasses.But in fact, he was also a handsome man when he was young in my eyes.
  But the crowd go on to say that must be he get older and don't look good, and his eyes hang out and don't look handsome. Indeed, Oakley sunglasses are wearing 360 degrees without a dead angle in 24 hours, even in the film is sunglasses have not been removed from beginning to end, this is a part of the body of the rhythm!
  Finally, the mystery of the century was solved by himself. After 15 years, he took part in a variety show.At the press conference, he recalled his acting career and jokingly explained why he was so keen on sunglasses."When I was young, a teacher said I had peach blossoms in my eyes," he said. "I wore my sunglasses to cover up my encounter. It wasn't because my eyes were disabled and shamed."
  But it also in a program,in the host's repeated requests to remove the sunglasses. Just we found under the sunglasses, his has a swollen eye bubble, and pouch is very obvious, eyelids are also serious drooping 80 years old.So his age exposed to public!
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  As a matter of fact,it is not only him.In recent years, many stars prefer wearing sunglasses, whether it is the ultra-black or bright Oakley.There are all kinds of styles and brands, they all wear their own style on different occasions.Why they are so fond of cheap real Oakley sunglasses, looking at their naked face shopping,you will know a little.
  A beautiful pair of discount Oakley sunglasses is not only beautiful, but also needs the wearer to know how to match the face shape with the sunglasses.Every time,when these stars appear in front of public who are very attractive!
  Indeed, the plain-faced women, even if they do not wear sunglasses, even if it is not recognized easily.There is no wonder when facing the camera, as long as no makeup, or makeup for a long time that they will use ultra-black mask.In fact, if they just do not want to show the side of the plain and afraid to bring too big a psychological gap to them.
  What is said above, that are the reasons why stars don't want to take off their Oakley sunglasses!

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